SOS Kit Aid

President of the Serbian Rugby Federation pays tribute to SOS Kit Aid

Following a recent delivery of kit to the Serbian Rugby Federation, their President sent the following message:

"We know that fact. Also we are very happy with this donation. Nowdays, there is a huge expansions in youth rugby in Serbia because Unity project. Rugby Union of Serbia alongside with RFU, Buckinghemshire RFC and you guys from SOS kit have crucial role in development, together we create environment that that kids recognize rugby as popular sport to be involved. Every jersey, every t-shirt, every rugby ball, every top track suit and others make impact on kids as they can feel like a part of rugby family in Europe. Unfortunately, in Serbia you cant buy rugby equipment, ordering from different country is expensive. Every kit  donation make impact."

 Thank you once again.

 Best regards

Stevan Ilijašević

Serbian Rugby Federation