SOS Kit Aid

SOS Kit Aid is a Finalist in the 2018 Rhino Grassroots Rugby Award

John Broadfoot, CEO SOS Kit Aid, is proud and delighted that the charity is the second organisation to be shortlisted for this year’s Rhino Grass Roots Rugby Award.

Annual Olympic-style junior sports festival United World Games (UWG) has joined SOS Kit Aid and Shibuya International Rugby Club on the shortlist having been commended for helping to promote rugby in developing nations. These have included sponsoring the very first rugby refugee team (ROB) to enter their tournament in 2016, leading the way before the Olympics followed suit later that year

Next year, the 15th UWG will take place, when junior athletes compete in sports varying from rugby and archery to floorball, orienteering and ultimate frisbee. Held in Klagenfurrt, Austria, it's expected to attract more than 10,000 participants from 40 different nations.

"Rugby is one of 15 sports hosted at the United World Games, but it is one that fits most perfectly into the sportsmanship, fair play, respect and multicultural camaraderie concept that surrounds the games," explains Renée Marie Carmine-Jones of UWG. 

Follow this link to RHINO to read more. 

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