SOS Kit Aid

FCO Sponsored Delivery to Ecuador

Ambassador Patrick Mullee, DHM Tina Hamilton; Juan Ignacio Lucini, President of Ecuadorean Rugby Federation and Mauricio Cuevas, representative of Ecuadorean Rugby Federation.

SOS Kit Aid, supported and funded by World Rugby, was delighted to send half a tonne of rugby kit to the British Embassy in Quito, Ecuador just recently. This was at the request of the Deputy Head of Mission in Quito, Ecuador - Tina Hamilton. The British Embassy in Ecuador, in collaboration with the Ecuadorian Rugby Federation and the Ecuadorian Boy Scout movement, is holding a rugby Festival  in October to celebrate the RWC and to help spread and promote the great game in Ecuador much wider. In recognition of giving young children and adults access to sport , the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office are covering the cost of the delivery, at no cost to SOS or the Ecuadorian Rugby Federation. SOS are very grateful to the British Embassy for supporting and funding this process. 

 Tina Hamilton said “ As an Embassy , we are delighted to receive SOS’s 475th overall kit delivery, this being the first SOS delivery to Ecuador. This rugby kit donation will be of considerable help to the Ecuadorean Rugby Federation in fully expanding their work and will have a significant impact on the sport in our country, encouraging children and adults of all ages to get involved in rugby on a wider scale” 

 John Broadfoot - CEO - SOS Kit Aid said “ It is wonderful that the country that invented rugby is now helping to fund deliveries of much needed rugby kit to emerging rugby countries like Ecuador at a time when the Rugby World Cup comes to England. As result of the success of this delivery , another 4 South American country embassies have now requested SOS kit and Philippa Greenwood - Head of Sporting Opportunities and Campaigns Manager at the Foreign Office in London has now agreed to the Programme being rolled out to another 12 countries around the world to celebrate rugby and the Rugby World Cup. Big thanks also to Ania Dutkiewicz too from the British Embassy in Ecuador for asking for rugby kit in the first place on behalf of Tina Hamilton and starting this whole project off. “ 

 It is the intention to continue this programme well after the RWC. SOS Kit Aid is a great believer in Legacy and we think this is a wonderful opportunity for British Embassies around the world to connect with their local communities and to develop the game of rugby in their countries and benefit youngsters quality of life and health at the same time. A lasting benefit from RWC 2015 “