SOS Kit Aid

If you are based in the UK and would like to receive rugby kit from SOS Kit Aid please fill out the application form below. Please make sure your organisation/club/project/school meets the criteria below. 

Please note: this application is for UK projects only that are active in the UK only. Please see below for information on international donations. 

  1. Your target beneficiaries are young people – aged between 8 -25 years.
  2. You must engage a minimum of 20 young people on a regular basis.
  3. You have existing sports engagement activities targeting disadvantaged or disabled children with genuine need.
  4. Genuine need is in accordance with disadvantage or disability definitions (please ask for more details)
  5. Donations are for rugby clothing and equipment only.
  6. An application from the UK may come from UK schools, PRUs, clubs, individuals and other community or charity projects only.
  7. Overseas target beneficiaries will be identified by sports governing bodies. 

Please note:

Overseas applications are not accepted through the Kit Application form below.  This applies to any donation overseas, this includes UK-based organisations, clubs and schools that intend to take kit to overseas projects.

SOS Kit Aid's overseas deliveries are organised through our supporting sports governing bodies. All overseas applications will be advised to contact the relevant country sport's governing body. 

A list of member states for the IRB can be found here



Receive Kit

Kit Specification

Note: we provide rugby clothing and equipment only

Please be as specific as possible with how much and what type of kit you require:

We will try and match your order to the best of our ability with the kit we receive, so please list as much information as you can.

Disclaimer: By requesting kit, if successful you will be expected to fill in a Monitoring and Evaluation form, including pictures and quotes from the beneficiaries. You will also be expected to tweet us (if applicable) on @lvsoskitaid with an update(s) on how the kit is being used.