SOS Kit Aid

SOS Kit Aid Update

SOS Kit Aid has enjoyed another very successful year, completing 42 big kit deliveries against a target of 40. This is kit for over 12,500 disadvantaged youngsters in 25 emerging rugby countries and a quarter of those deliveries at zero cost thanks to kind sponsors. Deliveries to 25 different countries, including new countries Kosovo, Uzbeckistan and San Salvador and, courtesy of the Foreign Office - a delivery of 130 boxes to ten countries in the West Indies , including Jamaica,Bahamas, Bermuda, Trinidad & Tobago, British Virgin Islands and 5 others - all free of charge and all despatched via the diplomatic bag. In our 18 years of operation we have now delivered to over 50 different countries around the world. Via the Foreign Office we are looking at South America and Africa next year - all hopefully free of charge ! Plus next year we will be supplying to new countries - Macedonia, Armenia, and maybe Georgia and Fiji again after many years.  

We continue to enjoy the support and contribution of  World Rugby through their wonderful “Spirit of Rugby” programme and we are most grateful to World Rugby and all our sponsors/supporters. We were also short listed for the “Most enterprising charity section” award by the Asia Voice Foundation in 2019 and the charity was recognised by Prime Minister Boris Johnson for our great work in helping the disadvantaged and tackling climate change. SOS is also now listed on the International Olympic Committee's website as case studies to be followed and copied. We are also planning to approach NZ, Australia, France and Sth Africa  next year to encourage them to start their own SOS activities. 


A big, big thank you to all the UK and Irish schools, clubs, kit manufacturers and other bodies for their generous contributions of quality used and new rugby kit. We could not do this without you. May we wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year and we hope we can look forward to your continued support in the next decade !