SOS Kit Aid

What we need

The collection of kit: ALL SIZES From 8 to 18 year olds. Any kit donated should be in good condition.

What rugby kit is needed?

  • Boots and Trainers - clean and in good condition, studded and laced.
  • Shirts - As many as possible of the same design or colour, i.e. team sets.
  • Odd shirts are useful as practice shirts
  • Shorts - Elastic or front tied - not too faded.
  • Socks - paired up, with correct sizes together.
  • Tracksuits/ Rain Tops/ Sweatshirts/ Drill tops/ Fleeces - tops and trousers, matching if possible but separates will do.
  • Protective wear - Head guards, shoulder pads, lycra shorts, gum shields
  • Balls - sizes 3 to 5, not too worn, capable of being inflated
  • General equipment - tackle bags, tackle shields, post protectors, cones, corner flags, tags, bibs, whistles, studs, laces.