SOS Kit Aid

Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Youngsters taking part in their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award can use SOS Kit Aid as part of their Volunteering activity.

SOS Kit Aid is one of the only volunteering activities to combine sport and the environment.

Every year, youngsters in the UK out-grow their rugby kit and much of it will end up in landfill sites. By collecting kit from your school and local community, you can achieve your Bronze, Silver or Gold Award while saving the environment and giving young people a sporting chance.

Ideas and Aims
You should organise the kit collection over a period of time on a three, six or twelve month basis, fitting in with your Bronze, Silver or Gold Award time requirements.

Bronze – Organise a kit collection at your school.

Silver – Organise kit collections in your community, encouraging local schools and sports clubs to get involved.

Gold – You may feel encouraged to identify a recipient and look at a long term twinning of your schools. This may lead to tours or social and cultural exchanges which will build a stronger community involvement.

To be successful, you will have to promote the collection through school communications/local media.
SOS Kit Aid has various marketing materials available for use, contact your Assessor for further details.

Visit the SOS Kit Aid website to familiarise yourself with the aims, ideas and achievements of the programme and encourage all potential donors to do the same.

Review and Assessment
One of the SOS Kit Aid team will become your Assessor – go to to find the closest Regional Director in your area. Make sure to keep photos, thank you letters etc. for your Achievement Pack.