SOS Kit Aid

Where the Kit goes?


SOS Kit Aid has delivered to 27 countries with many more on the waiting list. Below are a few comments from grateful recipients. 


Addington High School, Croydon
After receiving rugby kit, Darren Bernatovitch, PE teacher, said: “The kit we received from SOS Kit Aid has had a huge impact on our pupils. It has helped them get more involved in sport during and after curriculum. It’s also made pupils feel part of a team and get involved in sports they haven’t had access to before.”

2nd Chance project, Bristol
Rugby kit was delivered to the 2nd Chance project in Bristol, which engages with young offenders. The project had young people who couldn’t take part in sporting activities as they couldn’t afford sports clothes. After receiving a full set of rugby kit, including boots, Alex, aged 17, said: “You don’t know how much this means to me. I really wanted to play sport as I could see everyone else having fun, but I couldn’t get my trainers dirty as there were the only pair I had.”


Hungarian Rugby Union
Pál Túri, President of the HRFU wrote to thank SOS Kit Aid for the donation of rugby kit. “We are so grateful for the kit SOS Kit Aid has sent. In the beginning, we really struggled to start up new sides, you have helped us to fill this gap. We now have kids as young as 8 playing rugby – seeing the smiles on their faces when they received their new team kit has caused everyone a great deal of happiness.”


SOS supplies recycled rugby kit to the SKRUM charity in Swaziland. SKRUM run rugby sessions and in return the youngsters have AIDS awareness training and medical checks.

Samoa and Haiti

Kit Aid has delivered to these countries to help children cope with the aftermath of a Tsunami and an Earthquake.

If you would like to donate kit to SOS Kit Aid please click here.